In my head, dive just is made from days in which the temperature peaks at 68 degrees, the sky will be a lovely shade of blue, and the trees look like they belong on the board of Candy Land. Do you understand what I forget? The times where it is chilly and moist. The days where Mother Nature is almost stink, whispering in the end,”Don’t get too comfortable, winter is arriving ” We had a week of this weather in early-. It was nice the first day, an enjoyable dialogue point , but by the next day, we were getting a bit stir crazy. We HAD to get outside…all people. I was getting borderline nuts along with the children were bouncing round like crazy ping pong balls. My patience left me before. We took the first break in the rain we could find to place rain glasses and sweatshirts to face the wet cold we’d been hiding from. Everything was too wet to play on and the children have been dragging their feet about our normal walking course. And , I kicked a pinecone. An easy little crunchy artifact of the season, laying on the floor. Obviously, my kick attracted the attention of my children, and they immediately picked up one and started looking at it, paring it aside, enjoying the sweet smell of evergreen that Lightroom presets Photography Feeder dripped out of it. Then, at a flashback to your job from my childhood, I excitedly told them to select as many as they can carry. 20-minutes after with a couple of household items thrown across the kitchen table…we were making bird feeders that I recalled from elementary school. It was a mess, but I was giddy. Peanut butter covered fingers and lettuce, birdseed that spilled onto the floor, and cut pieces of twine covered our pinecones. It was a easy project, nothing elaborate or complex, and one of the children or not’ve eaten a handful of birdseed (#motherhood) but the kids had fun and we obtained our bird feeders hung on the tree prior to another round of rain came. The perfect project for a day that needed a job to help us find calm. Even better, we’d all the stuff lying around the house, no mad train trip to the craft shop required, and it is always a sensible and sanity saving win with this mama. Pine Cone Bird Feeders Materials: pinecones twine/ribbon peanut butter birdseed Tie parts of twine in addition to pinecone (be sure to do so very first or the pinecone may get harder to manage ) Place peanut butter onto the pinecone to act as a paste. Spread on using a spoon or roll cone around in a bowl of it